Lookup values are duplicated when coming from a landing page

Hi Community, 
I am having the following problem. I am getting duplicate values from my lookup when filled from a landing page form. I detected that they are fields that have a "/" in their name. Do you think the problem comes from some configuration of the field in the form? It should be noted that the values are exactly the same both in the lookup configuration and in the form and it does not happen with all the fields. Thank you very much for your comments and help. 


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Most often, this problem can occur because the landing page sends two requests to the Creatio system. We advise you to check the following options:

1) Check if you have inserted the code for the landing page several times
2) Do you have the createObject function triggered twice
3) If you did not use the standard landing page code, check in the console how many requests the form sends to Creatio

Entries cannot be duplicated in Creatio, so the problem may arise due to double submission of the form. 

If this doesn't help, we suggest you contact our support team directly with this specific issue at support@creatio.com.


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