The lookup values are displayed for Normal users. But the values are not getting displayed for the Portal users

Hi team,


I have 4- 5 lookups and values are available in those lookups too, the values are getting displayed when i login as a normal user. But for the same record, the lookup values are not getting displayed, when i login as portal user


Kindly help me resolve the same asap

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Hi Sri,


Did you solve the issue?

Please check the following:
1. Make sure you set the object permissions on your lookup object so all portal users also have read access.

2. There is a lookup named 'List of objects available for portal users', make sure you add the lookup object to this lookup list too. 

That should help to fix your problem.


Davey Daemen,

I am also facing the same issue, tried and implemented both the above suggestion but none helped, the values are still not visible.
Please suggest the solution.

Janhavi Tanna,




Additionally to what Davey recommended please also check if your lookup records have no record or column permissions enabled and if they have you also need to add "All portal users" role to the list of both access rights.


Also there is a lookup called "List of schema fields for portal access". Try adding the object of your lookup there and add Id and Name columns to this lookup:

And finally, check if there is no custom filter set for this lookup column in the portal page schema (via the lookupListConfig object filters array).


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