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I have a lookup that is displayed in the "List" mode,

I need to add / remove values ​​from this list dynamically based on the value of another field.

The same value in the list can be displayed for more than one value in this last field.

How can I do that?



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Dear Raul,

This target can be achieved with the help of the business process that will add data to the field if another field is filled in with some data.

For example you need to insert value "1" in the "List" lookup when the value of field "Field" is modified to "2". In this case you should create a business process with "Signal" start element which will be triggered if the field "Field" is changed to value "2". After that there should be "Read data" element which should read the object where the "List" lookup is present. Then "Add data" element should go which will add data to "List" lookup and you can also specify that you need to add value "1" there.

Another issue: you need to add data to the "List" if the added record has been added with the specific value of "Field". In this case the business process is similar to the previous except of the start signal: it should be "Signal" -> "Record added" and after that you should add "Read data" and "Modify data" elements.

As a result you will have your list filled in automatically with new data or existing data based on the value of another field. You can also read more about business process deign in the academy article here.

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Dear Oscar,

I expressed wrong.

I have two type list fields







The field named "Contexto Sospecha", should filter  its values in base to "Tipo Sospecha Vulneracion" field value. But it is not a simple FILTRATION BUSINESS RULE. A same value of "Contexto Sospecha" field can belong to more than one value of the other field. Is a N to N relation. I create a table with the relation of both fields, 

How can i filter the values based on that table

i tried to configure filters but I was not succesful

Any idea?



Maybe an article from the academy "Using filtration for lookup fields. Examples" will help you.

You can also use the business rule filtering (without programming using the wizard)


The above-mentioned articles

(…… )

should indeed help you out with achieving your task.

Best regards,


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