Locking and editing fields for a detail based on the status change

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We are have given read only option to all the fields in a detail and on certain status change, have written a business rule to edit few fields and the rest of the fields remaining locked. Post another status change, previously editable field is locked and the other fields are editable. 


Question : During a creation of the detail in the first status, certain fields are locked and the fields which can be editable are editable but when the status is changed based on the rule it has to lock the fields which was edited previously and remaining fields to be editable but all the fields are locked. until in the new status we try to add a new detail then the business rule works and the field which needs to be edited is editable but not to the already created detail.

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Dear Amritha,


For such a task, you may create a business rule for each field and each stage - then when the stage is changed new set of rules will start working. Otherwise, you can add business rules to the source code for each field: https://academy.creatio.com/docs/developer/front-end_development/creati…


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Dear Angela,


While creating the fields have given only read access to all the fields. Later in the business rule for a stage, where the fields needs to be edited have given editable option via business rule. But there is no option that for other fields to give  uneditable option in business rule, we havent given that instead provided read only option.


But still, in the initial stage based on the rule few fields are editable and when the stage changes. When we create a new detail then that stage business rules gets applied but to already created detail the business rule for that stage is not getting applied, that is our concern


Amritha Mayan Gorky,

So you mean when detail is moved to another stage old records are still read-only and new records are edible while in fact, all records should be editable? 

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