Linking a DevExpress Report


I was successfully able to do a DevExpress Report. However, Im not sure how to link the DevExpress to a printable. How to do so?

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  1. In the report builder, publish the report
  2. Go to printables in lookup section
  3. Click the down-arrow on "New" button, select "DevExpress"
  4. In the page that opens, use the "Template" lookup to select your report from the configuration
  5. Add other values as needed and click OK


Dear Ryan Farley,

We followed your steps however, when we print the report it is appearing without data; static data is appearing normally but all data that are based on objects are not appearing.

Here is a screenshot of the DevExpress. The Billing word is shown in the report but all fields based on UsrBillingTest are not appearing (UsrPerson)


Mohammad Yahfoufi,

This is likely because you've not added any code to populate the data. There's two steps to binding data in a DevExpress report

1) Defining the structure of the dataset the report will be bound to (this is what you do when you click the Data button on the toolbar

2) Adding code to populate this dataset with data when the report is run. This is likely the step you've missed and why the bound dataset for the report does not have data to display.

I actually just published an article this week on this very topic, feel free to take a look and follow the steps here:…


Thank you Ryan Farley,

This was beneficial. There is one more thing that ive been trying to do.. How can I pass fields from the CRM UI to the report? (i.e. lets say a user filled up a field in the UI and I want this field value to appear in the report)

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