Landing Page supported in ReactJS websites

To achieve the same functionality of pushing the forms data is there any SDK, API, package or library, or any such thing available that either supports javascript es6 or 7 or reactjs.">">"> /** * Replace the "css-selector" placeholders in the code below with the element selectors on your landing page. * You can use #id or any other CSS selector that will define the input field explicitly. * Example: "Email": "#MyEmailField". * If you don't have a field from the list below placed on your landing, leave the placeholder or remove the line. */ var config = {     fields: {         "Name": "css-selector", // Name of a visitor, submitting the page         "Email": "css-selector", // Visitor's email         contactFields: {         "FullName": "css-selector", // Name of a contact         "Phone": "css-selector", // Contact's mobile phone         "Email": "css-selector" // Contact's email     },     customFields: {},     landingId: "2788df4d-bedf-40e1-a97a-d06651233481",     serviceUrl: "", redirect Url: "http://localhost/creatiotest/" }; /** * The function below creates a object from the submitted data. * Bind this function call to the "onSubmit" event of the form or any other elements events. * Example:  */ function createObject() {     landing.createObjectFromLanding(config); } /** * The function below inits landing page using URL parameters. */ function initLanding() {     landing.initLanding(config); } jQuery(document).ready(initLanding);



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Unfortunately, we don't have any additional libraries, packages, or other technologies to implement this logic in a different way. 

BUT as a workaround, you can use webhook service integration and integrate it with javascript es6 or 7. You can read more about webhook service integration here -…

Here is an example of a javascript implementation:

fetch('', {
method: 'POST',
body: JSON.stringify({
"Contact": "Testing4",
"PhoneNumber": "+38077777887",
"Email": "",
"EntityName": "Contact",
"Name": "Testing4"
}).then(response => console.log(response))

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