Is it possible to default to a stage when stages are grouped and only one option is enabled?



I have some Case Stages grouped and in some scenarios of all the stages only one is available. Is there a way to default to that one instead of the user click on the drop down and select the only stage available?


In the attached example, I'd would like the 'Validate Provider File' stage on the bar so the user does not have to click the drop down and select it.




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You can automatically fill in the required fields using business rules.

More about business rules on the academy website:…

Thanks Cherednichenko, but that is not what I need. I don't need to default a field on the actual page. I need to make visible the only stage available on a case where stages are grouped. What stage is enabled depends on a previous stage. In the screenshot attached to the question, If the previous stage was Confirm Provider File Received', then the only option available for the user is Validate Provider File. But because that stage is grouped with 'Validate Patient File', that is what is shown in the bar and the user has to make an extra click to select 'Validate Provider File' even though that is the only option available.

Hello Jose,


Thank you for the explanation.

Unfortunately, such functionality can be only achieved by the means of development.

We will create a request for our R&D team in order to bring this functionality in future releases.


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