Issue combining customizations and field sales functionallity on mobile

Hi Community, how are you?

We have own package configured as seen on the image below:


In this environment we are using this addon:

We made customization for mobile (Account, Contacts, Opportunities, etc. ) that are working as expected on the default workplace. In this workplace we cannot use Field Sales, so we change to Field sales workplace. By default Field sales workplace only include activities so we included account, contact, etc. The scenario right now is:

  • If we use default workspace we see our customization but activities is standard without field sales functionality
  • If we use Field sales workspace we can use field sales functionality but our customization on Account for example are not visible (we see the standard account)

Our goal is to combine Field Sales add-on functionality with our customizations. We thought that this was something that was given implicitly since in our package we inherited from field force.

Appreciate any help.

Thank you


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Dear Uriel, 

In this case, depending on kind of customization you made you need to check MobileManifest and Modules you are using for DefaultWorkplace and try to copy them and their content into respective modules and manifests for Field Workplace. 

Basically, workplaces in mobile are different applications and in this case you will have to manually transfer the needed changes. 

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Roman Brown,

Thank you!

I tried but I couldn't. It takes me some changes yes and others no. Do you have any example of this?




Unfortunately, there is no examples we can provide you with as there can be different variations of customizations made. The general recommendation would be to perform all the manual changes you need to make in Mobile Application Wizard before modifying the code in schemas, because saving changes in wizard will override your customizations. 

Once all the fields and sections are added, you can proceed with transferring customizations in code. 

More information on customizations can be found in this academy article and all other articles related to it:…

Best regards, 


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