Issue with a business process on target Environment

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I am working on a simple business process which runs when a case is created and updates the Email(Activity) associated with it. When I moved this to QA Environment, the activity is not updating even though every element is completed in the process log.


And the weird thing is, For testing purposes I recreated above process in QA directly in the custom package and it is working as expected. I am not able to find the issue. Is there something I am overlooking?

Since I can't use the visual studio on QA Environment, is there any way to debug this process using logging? We use nlog. Thanks in Advance.

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Hi, might be a silly suggestion but did you try activating the trace data for the process?

Usually it helps me out a lot.



Thank you for your question!

If you imported the business process from another application, you should generate the source code for it and run a full compilation of the application first, typically it fixes most of the problems with it.


For debugging, as Federica suggested, you can use tracing of the business process.


If you still having issues, feel free to contact our support, we will take a closer look at the issue -


I will also leave some tutorials on the matter below:

Trace process parameters

Import *.BPMN files


Thank you.

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