Integration bpmonline with other application

Dear Community experts,

I have to integrate bpmonline with wordpress so once we submit an order the available products is updated to wordpress, we already implemented .Net project to do the job.

our .Net project is using the rest API and has reference to Newtonsoft.json dll file. we have some classes and three functions.

My question is : How I can apply such .Net project in bpmonline, where I have to add the references and the classes and functions.


I would like to be thankful, if someone can direct me to similar work or any documentation or steps to do such job.


Best Regards,


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Dear Mohammad,

Once your project is already written, there are several options to choose from.

1. Deploy your project as a web project or a Web API project. Further, on the side of bpm'online, call the needed URL with all necessary data from any C# schema or business process script task element.

2. Add the project .dll to the "External assemblies" tab in the system Configuration. Use it in the C# schemas and call its methods in business process script task elements.

Also, keep in mind, not to upload a .dll file if it already exists in the system, since it will cause versions conflict. 

Basically, you create a business process, which triggers by the signal you need. Afterwards, in the script element of this BP you either use methods (option 2) or form a request to a external Web API (option 1).

Moreover, we already have Newtonsoft.json dll file in the system.

Hope you find it helpful.



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