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Hello team,

I have the need for connect Creatio to a sql server using active directory password authentication. We need a script task that basically is using the sql connector.

From my dev environment was working OK, but installing the package in cloud server I'm getting the error the adalsql.dll is missing.

I tried to installed importing the dll but I'm getting a error. Net asambly.

Somebody face this issue before?


The library is

And the dll is adalsql.dll or adal.sql

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Hi Feredico, 


We don't have practical examples of such issue. As we said before, it couldn't be performed on our side, but checking your request I found some info which might be helpful for you. Please check the solution in this article below:


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Bogdan L.

Thanks Bogdan, that's require a manipulation from the server side, with in cloud environments is not posible install the library. I'm trying to import the dll using creatio but I'm getting a error of. Net asambly, no Metter with version of dll.

Federico Buffa ...,


We also double checked this question so this reply from Anastasiia still valid. 



Please also check this articles:……


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Bogdan L.

Bogdan Lesyk,

The reply from anastassia requiere the dll that Im asking to install and she said is not posible. Still I dont understand what security reason can be installing a library from microsot that is allowing connect to datbase sql using AD connetions.


I will check the others 2 articles.


Package is impossible to install in the server? Is a very well know Microsoft library and the servers are windows.

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