Ignore required tasks when moving opportunity to closed lost


We have some required tasks in a few of the opportunity stages.

I do not want users to have to complete them when they are moving the stage to closed lost (makes no sense to have them complete the tasks).

Any ideas on how I can do this?



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Hello Chani, 


Your business task can be achieved with a help of custom business process, that will change the status of the needed opportunity record to the needed one with the [Modify data] element. You may additionally set up [Signal]  process element so the business process will be triggered based on the needed conditions or simply run the process manually for the needed record.


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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Can you provide more details? I didn't understand how this should work.

I want users to be able to move the opportunity stage when they want to do so, there are no conditions I can give.

Hello, Chani Karel,


It will not be possible to change the stage of the opportunity record manually if it contains required steps without completing them, it's expected oob behavior. As mentioned, you can create a custom business process which can be started automatically or manually and which will be changing the stage of the record for you. Alternatively, you can change the logic of the cases and make the activities not required, however it will be more difficult to track the completion of such activities, steps as some users could just skip or ignore them.

Please also review the old post where we've discussed similar business task with you previously:… 

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