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Hi Community,

I've this situation where I need to add a new tab "Preview" and the main objective is have a iframe with a preview of the documents in the attachments, however we try first implement the logic if was a website, because we think that the article that we found on academy "https://academy.creatio.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-13/integration-third-party-sites-iframe"partially satisfies what we want to implement;

  1. First, based on the Web field, we were able to do the preview of the website, as you can see on the image below.
  2. Then, we try to call and access to the storage of the pdf that we have on the attachments (image below), but the only link that we have of the pdf is the link/method to download the file, for example: https://..../0/rest/FileService/GetFile/Id.

In this way we want to know if there is any way to acess a link or storage of the file, with objective to implement something like preview of the document with the iframe on the edit page.



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Daniel Longo

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Hello Daniel, 

While it is technically possible to open pdf files using iframe tag, it'd require considerable amount of custom development to implement such preview. 
The link you're referring to is the direct link to the attachment file. 

Unfortunately, we don't have examples of such implementation. 

I'll register your idea and it may be implemented in future releases. 
Best regards,

Hello Yurii,

Is there any progress on this implementation?


What are the options that FileService gives us beyond the download file link?

Is there any way of call this link and get Data from response?


Best Regards,

Igor Matos

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