I want translate my local environment into https. Where I can take server certificate for IIS?

First off all, if you're just accessing the local install via localhost, you can turn on a development certificate in the bindings for the website in IIS


However, if you're accessing it via some name from outside of the server itself, like, then you can get a free certificate from There is a tool you can get from (that uses that you can use to easily add the cert (and keep it renewed) in IIS



Ryan Farley, thanks. I added IIS Express Development Certificate as you said, but I take not trusted certificate



You'll need to also install the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store for the local computer and for the user. 


To make it clear, I've recorded a video showing the complete steps here: - I've also written up the complete steps on my website here…


Hope this helps.



Ryan Farley, very good instruction, but...

No, It didn`t help( . I reset iis too, clear cash but nothing help (. I see "not secure".

Hello Nataliia,

Repair IIS or try to reinstall IIS from official website.




try to repair internet information services (iis) manager or Reinstall it from official website

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