I cannot find any process logs named 'Case'

When a status changes on a record I used a case to trigger a business process. However a mistake was made and I need to cancel these business processes (they prompted the user a question). 


I cannot cancel them as they are seen as a sub process of 'Case'. I cannot find any process called Case that is running in process logs. 


Now I need to open each business process, select parent process, cancel process. 

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Good day,


Basically, the "Case" process is the DCM that is running in your record.

You can manually find the launched processes, go into its parent process and cancel the DCM outright.


Alternatively, you can just move the case stage into the next one (or into the canceled stage) which will finish all of the previous actions.


If you wish to see the DCM in the process log, you can turn on the debug mode of Creatio which will show them in there (please make to turn it off after you are done).


Thank you.

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