I am getting Server Error System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException while installing creatio

Hi all,

I am installing creatio on windows server 2016 and getting below error.

I have tried reinstalling but getting the same error

Please help me resolve this issue

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Dear Nagaraju,


The error message means that the application was not installed correctly. It could happen if some required components are missing or installation steps were skipped. Try to install it again by carefully checking each step:


Best regards,

Angela Reyes,


Is the problem because of this

I have installed a .net framework 4.8 but still getting this and when I try to install it again I am getting already installed message

This is first time I am installing in a server. So, Do you think it is the problem?

Please answer and thanks.


Please remove .net framework 4.8 and use 4.7.2 instead. Creatio application is sensitive to .net framework versions. 


Best regards,

HI, we had the same error and we fixed it installing "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010". There's no need to remove .net framework 4.8 and use 4.7.2 instead.

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