How to stop a process execution (multiple records) when it goes in a specific number of completed instances?

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Is there any way to stop the process when processing multiple records, in this case the service returns more than 16000 elements/records and I want just process the first 20 or 30, I tried to use all of this process properties to stop it, without results:

  • Number of completed instances
  • Number of terminated instances
  • Total number of instances

Any Idea, in the image goes to 95 completed, I want to stop at 20, but no idea how to do...



Thanks in advance, 

Julio Falcón

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Hello, some ideas, please?


When using a multi-instance subprocess, the number of process executions is regulated only by the size of the collection you pass to it.

If you use the "Read data" element, you can adjust the size of the collection through the "Read first XX records" property.

If you receive a collection from a web service, you should use such parameters in the request that will allow you to receive the required number of records. You can check the web service documentation or modify the backend if it is your own web service or you have a contact with the developer.

Another option would be to resort to development and write a script task that will process the collection from the web service and trim the resulting collection/response.


Thank you.

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