How to send email to a system user group



Am I able to send an email to all users that exist within the one user group (organisational role):











I have created the following process and need to update the 'To' field:






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Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to put "Functional role" as a value of "To" field of the "Send Email" process element using user tools. Our R&D team already working on adding this functionality, there is no ETA yet, however. You may build your process analogically to the "Send email to case group" base process that sends email to a group of people using script task.

Here is also another solution that can fit your needs: you can specify one recipient in "To" field in the business process "Send email" element and on mail-server side you can setup filters which will transfer notification emails to some specific folder and then mail-server can transfer all emails sent to this folder to other mailboxes. And it will fit your business target. But I will notify our R&D team about your request and ask them to raise the priority of the problem.

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1) Create a section to maintain a temporary contact list.

2) Add the contacts to the temporary list.

3) Loop through the list, deleting a contact from the temporary list after you email them.

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