How to mask Credit Card Number in Freedom UI



Do you know how to mask first 12 digits of a Credit Card in Freedom UI Creatio?


Example :-

Credit Card Number :- 2345-2121-1225-8909

After masking I want to see as ****-****-****-8909 in Freedom UI.



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You can try using the password input which will mask the entire text as ****. This control doens't appear in the toolbox, so to add it, you could add an input, then in the code change "type": "crt.Input" to "type": "crt.PasswordInput". You can see an example of this control in the page SysUserProfilePage (user profile page)


If you need it more how you described, showing the last 4 digits, you would need to implement your own custom control. You can see details for that here:…



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