How to get Popup element to consistently display

We have several processes using the popup element addon (  The popup does not consistently display.  I can see the process runs correctly and shows the popup should display but it does not actually display in the UI in a Creatio hosted 7.18.4 environment.


In comparison, on a locally hosted instance of, the popup does consistently display.


Please advise how we can get popups to consistently display.

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Hello Melanie,


Please keep the following best practices in mind when working with the popup element:


1. We recommend using the element after the elements of the User actions block. For example, Perform task, Pre-configured page, etc.

2. Avoid using several popup elements in a row. In this case, the user will see only the last element.


If you are already following the best practices, please send us a screenshot of the relevant popup element in the business process.

Hi Ivan,

We are following the best practices.  Here is a screen shot of the successfully executed process (though popup did not display), which is called when a user attempts to complete an activity.  We need to validate if information is filled out, and if not, display a popup of the missing information.

Again, this does consistently display in a locally hosted environment but does not consistently display on a cloud hosted environment.




I am also having this problem with this popup element, same situation, element does not consistently display. It is also situation that it display locally but not in cloud environment.

Did you find solution for this problem?


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,




Hello again,


Just found out solution for my problem. The problem was with the WebSockets ( there were not working on this cloud system). When I tried on other system it is working good. 

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