How to easily create system user's with roles ?

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Currently in Creatio in Order to create the system user with correct roles there is two step process : 

1. Create the Contact

2. Create the System user and assign the role


Is there any possibility that we can make it a one step process because for our customers the system is new and they want it to be a one step process.


Is it possible to make it a one step process ? Any custom solution ? Does LDAP Synchronization provide any help in this matter? 


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Due to system logic there is no tool which would allow to simplify the user creation inside of Creatio. 

However, you can import and sync your users with LDAP:…

Or if you use SSO, you can set up JIT provisioning:…

If none of the proposed options are suitable for you you still can import contacts with an excel and create system users after that in order to simplify task a bit. 

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