How to do Attachment* as mandatory field

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please Guide me 

how to do attachment* as mandatory field

kindly let me know the process .hoping for a positive reply




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as Attachments is not a field, but is a detail, you can do the following validation script (sample for Activities) in object process for Validating message

UserConnection userConnection = context.UserConnection;
   Select select = (Select)new Select(userConnection)
if (select.ExecuteScalar<int>() == 0)
            throw new Exception("Attachment is required");
return true;


Vladimir Sokolov,

Hello Vladimir Sokolov,

Thank you for your reply uttej

could you please tell me clearly 

for which page this code belongs to and where it is write in  (diff or methods)  detail page or card schema page or section page or detailpagev2

please give me  detail explanation about code

hope you reply soon 

with positive response  



Hi, this is not Page Code.

You should add process in your Object "UsrAligment"



Unfortunately, there is no option to make the fields as required in the attachments detail without code. Technically it is possible to enable the Required attribute for the detail fields but you will not be able to attach the file itself. It will fail with errors.




Hello Vladimir,

Could you please specify where exactly we need to write the validation script provided.

Do we need to create process with validation message as signal?


You are right, you need to create a process with the validation message as a signal. You can do it by clicking the "Open Process" button in the object configuration. The start signal in this case would be "AccountValidating".

Dmytro Vovchenko,


I'm not able to drag any business process element in the object process

Amritha Mayan Gorky,


I suggest you contact our support team directly with this specific issue at

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