How to custom content of "Step 2" in "Web form and Landing Pages"

Hi all,

        I want to add some code into "Step 2" of "Web form and Landing Pages". Please help me how can I do that.



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Try to create a landing page with the out-of-the-box code and then debug it. It's a simple JS so please feel free to use any public JS documentation.

Eugene Podkovka,

Sorry if my question is not clear. I want to add a html form into "Step 2" so that bpm'online users can copy whole of them and paste to their landing page without coding any html form.

Toan Mai,

Yeah, it was not obvious :-)  

Please override the GeneratedWebFormPageV2 or BaseGeneratedWebFormPageV2. The first one only for leads and the second one is for all landings. Investigate the method initializeTemplateScript in the BaseGeneratedWebFormPageV2 module. It generates the template. It will be a good idea to override the getScriptTemplateFromResources method and add your template there. But make sure that it will not be corrupted by the replaceMacrosInText method. 

Or the easiest but not the best solution is to override one of the mentioned modules and change the text in the TogledScriptTemplate property.

Eugene Podkovka,

Thank you, Eugene


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