How to collect Customer Feedback

We would like to send an email through a process that requests feedback from a customer. We would like them to click a link that passes an ID to an object, which can then insert their feedback response.


We do not want them to have to enter credentials to do so. How can I create an object that can be referenced without a username and password?



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Hello Heather,

In order to implement your business task, you need to either design the web service to be anonymous to perform requests to it without authentication.

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Thanks, I have been able to create a test webservice to try this out. However, the second step in making it anonymous is to register it. However, how can I register it if the ServiceModel is locked? I'm not clear how to create a svc file in ServiceModel as per step 2 of the process. The Add button is greyed out.


Could you please specify what you mean by 'the ServiceModel is locked'?


Thank you,

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