How can we turn off the duplicate constrain present on the Features detail?

Hi Community,

We have this business requirement that consists of adding more than one Value for a specific Feature. For example, if we consider “Colour” as a Feature, we will need multiple Values for that Feature.


Colour – Blue

Colour – Orange


However, when we try to add another value for the same feature, we receive the following error:

Currently, Creatio only let us add a unique Feature. This logic is not compatible with our requirement.


How can we turn off this constrain? And, what are the consequences of disabling it?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,

Pedro Pinheiro

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Hello Pedro!


Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve this with built-in instruments, as it is expected that there would be a different product record for each feature so that when adding them into orders you can determine exactly what feature set is required.


However, you can do this by creating a "Replacing view model" for the "SpecificationInProductPageV2" schema. There, you would only need to change the "validateSpecification" function by removing the following part:


After that, you will be able to add multiple features into products!


Best regards,


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