How can we send attachments through "WebService Integration Setup" tool?

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We have this situation where we need to send a specific attachment to our client's API. This API only accepts "multipart/form-data" contents, so we need to send the byte[] of our attachment.


Is it possible to send the byte[] from our attachments to the API using the "Web Service Integration Setup" tool? If yes, how can we achieve that?


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Pedro Pinheiro

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Hi Pedro,


You need to use a stream to pass a byte array in a body of a request. It's possible to create a business process that uses WebService call process element and you can also use a script-task element. Here we can find examples of locating an attachment in the system and reading it in a stream. Once it's read completely you can pass the read byte[] to the request body and perform an API call to the endpoint where the file should be passed. Feel free to develop your logic using the article provided.


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hi oleg,


please share the link again, because it is no longer valid. Thanks in advance.


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Abderrahman TIGAMI

Hi Pedro,


Here is a new link for you:…


We will be glad to help with any other questions.

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