How can I implement filter criteria in a Editpage

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I have a requirement to take filter criteria from an Editpage and Use that Filter criteria whenever a lead is created. Since it is changed frequently, I cannot be able to do it in c# code. 

How can I implement below UI and also store that criteria.


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Your answers would be very helpful. 

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Can you please specify, do you want to set the default filter for the section?




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Bogdan S

Hi Bogdan Spasibov,

Thanks for Reply.


As per Requirement, User should be able to set a criteria in product(like Lead age >= 60 ) and this is not a fixed criteria. It changes from product to product. Based on this criteria, We have some functionality in Lead.

This functionality is already present in other places like Queues where we set criteria to move to Queue Items and otherplaces. But, I am unable to find the exact code to replicate as per my need.

Please help me achieve this functionality.


Thanks in Advance.


Hi All,


This is an important requirement for the client. We have to use it in multiple places. User should be able to set a criteria by himself as in the above image.


Please help with this functionality.

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