How can i create custom button which alerts some text?

How can i create custom button which alerts some text?

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Hello Muhammadjon,


in order to achieve this you need to create a Replacing view model at the Custom package.

For the partent object you will need to select ContactSectionV2, or the section where you want to create this button.

Then you need to create a new localizable string (you will see the possibility to create a new one on the left) where you will put the desired text. for the button. While creating the localizable string you will need to enter the value, and the code. The code is something that you will use later.


After that you insert this code on the page:


        function(BaseFiltersGenerateModule, Enums, ConfigurationConstants, BusinessRuleModule) {

            return {

                entitySchemaName: "Contact",

                messages: {},

                attributes: {},

                rules: {}/**SCHEMA_MODULES*/,


                 * Current schema mixins


                mixins: {},

                methods: {

                    OnTestButtonClick : function() {




                diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[


                    "operation": "insert",

                    "parentName": "ActionButtonsContainer",

                    "propertyName": "items",

                    "name": "TestButton",

                    "values": {

                        "itemType": Terrasoft.ViewItemType.BUTTON,


                        "caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.TestButtonCaption"},

                        "markerValue": {"bindTo": "QualificationProcessButtonCaption"},

                        "classes": {"wrapperClass": ["t-btn-wrapper t-btn-text t-btn-style-blue actions-button-margin-right"]},

                        "iconAlign": Terrasoft.controls.ButtonEnums.iconAlign.RIGHT,

                        "click": {"bindTo": "OnTestButtonClick"},

                        "layout": {

                            "column": 6,

                            "row": 0,

                            "colSpan": 2


                        "visible": true


                }    ]/**SCHEMA_DIFF*/




The method  Terrasoft.showInformation('Test')  is the one responsible for displaying the message on screen. Here instead of Test you can write any message. 

The part where it says "caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.TestButtonCaption"}" , this is where you put the code from the localizable string previously created. So if the code of the string was called TestButtonCaption, then you need to put Resources.Strings.TestButtonCaption. If you name the code like "RandomButton" then it will be Resources.Strings.RandomButton.


Best regards,


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