How to add a section on existing standard object

Hi all,

I would like to know how to create a section for the InvoiceProduct schema.

I have found some info for the Usr one, but not on the standard ones ?

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Dear Jerome,

The new section can be created based on the existing object in database directly only. 

Here is the example of the query you should run to create a new section based on the Activity object:

insert into SysModule
(Caption, SysModuleEntityId, Image16, Image20, FolderModeId, GlobalSearchAvailable, HasAnalytics, HasActions, HasRecent, Code, ModuleHeader, CardSchemaUId, SectionModuleSchemaUId, SectionSchemaUId, CardModuleUId, Image32Id, LogoId)
('Emails', 'a2e7bf65-7380-e011-afbc-00155d04320c', (select Image16 from SysModule where Id = '055063c9-8180-e011-afbc-00155d04320c'), (select Image20 from SysModule where Id = '055063c9-8180-e011-afbc-00155d04320c'), 'b659d704-3955-e011-981f-00155d043204',
1, 1, 1, 0, 'Email', 'List of mails', '80918b27-ff37-4d8c-ba73-c985d74d3dc2', 'df58589e-26a6-44d1-b8d4-edf1734d02b4', '569aaf1a-5943-4f87-ab47-948d941e4920', '4e1670dc-10db-4217-929a-669f906e5d75', 'abe30a95-e663-43a9-a881-834b70de5206', '631b1018-9b82-43fe-9f5e-aad272aae679' )

This is the first step to create a separate section that will display the activities with the type email only. The following actions you should perform are:

1) changing the section page schema

2) changing the edit page schema

3) changing the minipage schema etc




Lisa Brown,

Thank you very much for your quick response.

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