How to add multiple data sources to a page in freedom UI?



I am building a form page but would like to show multiple data sources on this page. I know I am able to show additional data sources through the list option but this shows the data in a list when we want to see it as additional attributes for the primary data source. Can an additional source be added to a page in freedom UI? (found documentation on it for the classic UI but could not figure it out for freedom UI)

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Currently, the system's basic tools allow you to add only one data source. However, a task has already been registered in our R&D team to consider and implement adding multiple data sources in future releases.

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If you only need to display data from other connected records (and not have them be updateable) you can do this for things like displaying a parent record's columns on the page (for example, display Account fields on the Contact, Account fields on an Opportunity, etc).

To do this, scroll to the bottom of the controls list on the left side in the page designer. Add one of those to the page (this won't add any columns to the object). Then use the Data source property to select the column from the related object as needed. The designer will make this control read only since it's not a part of the page's data source. 


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