How to add Grandchild Detail records in business process

Hi Community, 

I am trying to create a cascading copy business process for a section record and the related Child (Stages) and Grandchild (Activities) Detail records. When running the process, the record and child records are copied/created successfully. However, the Grandchild records are created with null StageID (Parent lookup) field. The process task setup for adding the grandchild records is shown below:

Could someone please advise how to configure the process task to populate the StageID field with the ID created in the previous "Add Stages" process task. I have already tried to enter [#Add Stages.Created record Id#] without success. 


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Dear Vishay,

Here is a simple example of process where I create the contact for account and create the activity within the created contact.

1. I read the account

2. Creating the contact

3. Adding the activity

And the result

As you see Created record Id works fine in my case. But most likely you need to select some stage lookup value from the Add Stages element. If you are still struggling with the process, feel free to approach the support team via so that they could look into the process on your particular website.


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