How Add a custom button for custom templates in chat panel of omnichat

I'm trying to modify the chat panel to add a new button that will contain another type of template, but I can't find which module file refers to this panel.

What files are related to this panel that allow me to make changes within it?


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Damien Collot,

Thanks for sharing, but unfortunately I don't have access to see the content of the link

Also don't have access to the link:)

This module is named OmniChatModule and it is pretty unique. As you may noticed it doesn't have a structure where elements are contained in a diff panel, instead, it creates them in code (check the method render() in it).

Currently, if you want to add something to it, you need to analyze the logic of the OmniChatModule schema and OmniChatUtilities to write your own version. For example, when you click on the context name, it triggers the method openContactCard in OmniChatUtilities.

To be honest, I can't guarantee that it is even possible to modify this panel in the current version.

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