hide section records depending on functional roles

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We'd like to hide section records depending on functional roles.

For example we have Employees section created ,there should be just Contacts with data type Employees and to make these possible I have created a business rule.In contacts section should not be visible Contacts with data type Employees when we are in the environment of an Employee.

Is there a way to do that ?


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Please note that to achieve this, you need to set up object permissions for the needed section. You can learn more and find the instructions on that in this article. There you can set up rules by which users or certain roles will be able to see the records.

If a user with contact type employee is a contact with contact type Employee in his environment he should see in the contact section all records with contact type supplier or customer etc but not the records of contact type Employees (because they are visible in Employees section).Is there a way to do that ?(if i go in contact section and uncheck read permission all employees  cannot see all records of section contacts not just the records with contact type different from employee type)



In this case, the best way to implement your business task will be with the help of a business process.

The key element would be the [Change access rights] process element. The business process should start with a trigger (a new Contact record created) and grant access permission to the needed users by the criterias you specify. In the article added above you will find the instructions on how to build such a proces.

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