Hide details in HISTORY tab

Dear community,


Is there an elegant way to hide the standard sections detail in account history tab?

I mean hide the details relating to sections not available in the creatio edition bought.

An possible solution is create a new tab and add the detail for only section available.

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Have you tried to hide them using business rules? I suggest to set your condition to a situation that will never happen. For example, IF Integer [1] = Integer [2], THEN Show element [Detail "Invoices"] on the page


Kavian Abhari,

Sorry I make a stupid question

You are right,

thank you!

An update, 
some details are not available in the list of details (orders), but they are visible on the page.

I tried on a tenant with Sales Team edition + Contact center.

Stefano Bassoli,

Hello Stefano Bassoli,


Thank you for your question!

Would you please provide some examples of this behavior?

Examples will greatly help us understand what would be the best solution here.


Thank you!





Hi Danyl,

i tried to upload an image, but I can't upload because there is a cors error on this page.

In the history Account tab there is Orders detail.
If I try to hide using the method suggested by @Kavian, I don't found it in the list.


I solved my problem creating a custom css and set 

#OrderDetailV2Container {

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