Global currency selector for CRM and Portal Users


Is there a way to implement global currency selector.

For example, on header there will be dropdown list show 3 currencies (USD, EUR and GBP).

Amount will be change (from everywhere) on the basis of selected currency.

Any help will be highly appreciable.



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Hi Muhammad,

I do not think that is going to work. For example, there is an invoice in USD currency. Invoice has field 'Currency' so when the page is loaded it will load USD and show values in USD. If the user changes the currency to EUR, changes will be saved to the database. Then if the next user opens the page - value will be shown in EUR.

Probably, currency can be used as virtual field and will not be stored in the database inside each object (Invoice, Order, etc) but rather in user table (SysAdminUnit). In this case, there should be a new field in SysAdminUnit table. The place where user should be able to modify it - is user profile. You can check how already existing drop downs for time zones are implemented When the page will be loaded, system will read data from that user table and convert values on the page into that currency. But please note that this should be done separately for all fields in all sections that you want to add this logic. You can create your own currency control, like ootb Curreny edit(you can check in configuration MultiCurrencyEdit) and use it for fields that you want to recalculate. This information can be a starting point for your development.


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