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I have used the sandbox to transfer data from edit page to detail. It works as usual  if you open the  record from a section . But If you open the edit  record from detail and go back to the detail through the link in record and open another record, the this points to old record not the new record

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Could you please describe the issue in more detail, providing a step by step instructions with screenshots?

Mira Dmitruk,


There are two sections (projects & Requests)  and a detail  ( Submitter's Documents). The Requests section is a detail in projects section.  The task is to send information of edit page(requests)  to detail(documents).  



I used the sandbox to tranfer data. It works well when you open request page record from requests section and I was able to send infomation from edit page to detail.


The  issue lies  when you open the requests record from the projects  and click on the detail tab. For the first time it works well. But when you navigate back to projects page through the link  and select another record from the detail.




This time when you click on the detail the 'UsrRequestType" ,it shows the old record information not the newly opened one. The 'this' points to the first opened record information.  Is there any way to access the newly opened record information.




Rakshith Dheer

Rakshith Dheer Reddy,




As described in the ticket registered on our side please change the approach from calling a custom sandbox message to using the basic sandbox message like:


var reqType = this.sandbox.publish("GetColumnsValues", ["UsrRequestType"],



called from the detail. It will always return the proper value of currently opened main record.

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