Getting error for using this.get("UsrAttributeName").displayValue in client module

I am trying to implement validation logic in client module edit page of a section.

I want to save the column value of UsrAttributeName (a lookup) into a variable.

To do this, I am using this.get("UsrAttributeName").displayValue. But when Page is loaded it hangs and console shows the error 

message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'displayValue' of undefined 

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1. To add validation use this.addColumnValidator method in setValidationConfig method.

Please, find the example in the Academy article:…


2. If the column value is not defined you cannot call for its properties. Check if the column has value:

var attribute =  this.get("UsrAttributeName");
var attributeDisplayValue = attribute  && attribute.displayValue;


Please, let us know in case any additional information is required. 


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Olga Avis,



After debugging it turns out undefined is coming because Entity/Page is not fully loaded or when I create a new record then all fields are empty.

I could use your suggested way to assign attribute value to a variable but that would not be able to work if entity/page is not fully loaded.


So I used a flag in attributes with default value false and set it to true in OnEntityIntilized method.

Then I checked the flag, if it is true then the validation method will run.




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