I'm trying to do a basic forecast configuration, comparing with Opp amount total vs forecast. However, I want to have a column showing sum of the opp amount but based on probability %. For exemple, an opportunity valued at 10K with a 50% probability % is valued at 5K, one at 5K at 80% is 4K. So total expected would be 9K. Is there an option for this in the forecast? 

Plan be would be to do the calculation in Opp and used that as the amount$. But I know some systems can do the option above OOB, so wondering if I just missed it. Thanks

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It is indeed possible to calculate such value right inside of the forecast!


If you already have the "Opportunity amount" column in the forecast, you would need to do the following.


You would first need to add the "Probability, %" column to the forecast:



Notice that we have checked the "Hide column" checkbox since we do not want this column to be shown in the forecast table. If you want to edit it later, you can just add it back by clicking View -> List of columns:


After that, you need to add your calculated column:


Now you will be able to see the result after pressing the "Calculate" button!


On the screenshot below, the opportunity in the red rectangle has a probability of 50%, therefore the value in the calculated column is half of the real one:

Hope it helps!


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Thank you for your clear reply. I thought of this, but it does not seem to work, as I want all those opportunities to be aggregated. So the calculation works on only one opportunity, but not when there are multiple opportunities, it seems because of the "sum" function on the calculation method. For example, I have 2 opportunities, assigned to 2 reps, so calculations work:


However, If I assign both opportunities to the same rep, then the % adds up to 130% and it seems to recalculate instead of just adding all the probable values:


The difference I have with your example is that I used the Contact section for my Forecast, to display sum by rep (it is a B2C use case, so accounts are irrelevant). So for that % probability, I am binding contact with opp owner, instead of doing it opp to opp like you are.


David Belanger-Goyette,


Unfortunately, the correct grouping value will be shown only if individual records are available in the forecast.


You can change the forecast to the following setup:


It will have the same structure, but will feature individual opportunities if you open contacts:


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Thank you. I did not do it using the opp object because if the forecast runs on opportunity, then I will need to add all opportunities every time I want to check the forecast. I can add all opportunities now, but if new ones are created tomorrow, they will not show unless I manually add them. 

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