filter used in "My cases" grid

How are cases filtered in "My cases" grid in the portal main page ?

How can it be altered ? 

In our environment, "My cases" is showing cases that do not belong to the current portal user, while some of the appropriate cases are not shown.

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Dear Ricardo,


They are sorted by Created on the field and it shows all cases that you are able to see in the system. The logic of this grid is described in the schema UserCasesListModule - you can replace it to modify code in it. 


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Thanks Angela,

I am trying to add a replacing module for UserCasesListModule, but I cannot find it in the Parent object dropdown list.

Please advise.

Ricardo Bigio,

You can use the default parent schema (base one) and just copy all code from the original module to use it. 


Best regards,


Ricardo Bigio,

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