Filter records based on Organizational roles

Here is my explanation:

Our organization has several departments, but we use the same Object. For example in the case is Account

We have already set up Organizational Roles. For Example

  1. Country 1 Sales Team
  2. Country 2 Sales Team

(I'm not allowed to give you the real name of those departments)

Each Team will handle some records in Account


So how could I filter Account based on the Organizational roles?

Like, if an employee from Country 1 Sales Team access the Account, they only see the records that their team needs to handle but not mix up with records from other teams


I hope the community could help me with this. Many Thanks!

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Hi Bao,

I think, such filter can do this


Kind regards,


Vladimir Sokolov,

Hi Vladimir,


That's a great idea! We tried and seems okay for now!


But, I have a further question.

As my try, a team member from Country 1 team could able to see the folder used for Country 2 Sales Team when they use the filter function. We want to separate the view of both teams and don't allow Country 1 team could see any record from Country 2 team

So, How can I able to do that?

Bao Phan,

Here you need to write Process that changes access right to record when record is added and Owner or Team are changed…


Thank you, Vladimir Sokolov


Sorry for my late reply

I didn't get any notification about the reply

But thank you!

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