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I would like to set the Do not use email value from Contact communication detail based on the field with the same name from Contact.


How could I do this? If I want to add a Business Rule from the Detail, the page does not open.



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Thank you for your question!

Please provide us with more detailed information about the functionality you need. Please tell us what your business task is and what is the ultimate goal of this functionality. We would also like to note that theoretically, this can be implemented through a business process, but we need more details for a better analysis. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved with business rules. 

Viktoriia Hrynchuk,

Hi! At first, I wanted to set up the value of 'Do not use email' through a process based on another field. When I did this, I saw that I'm only modifying the value of the 'DO not use email' from Contact, but not the one from Communication options. The goal is to set up the value of that one through modify or script task. Because that didn't work, I thought that maybe filtering the one in Communication option based on the one from the Contact would help, but it actually works the other way around. 

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