Fetch System settings value using ESQ Server side


Is there a way to fetch System setting values using ESQ Server side.

I need to validate based on system setting value.


Please help.




You can get a system setting using the following C#:

var mySetting = Terrasoft.Core.Configuration.SysSettings.GetValue(UserConnection, "MyCustomSetting").ToString();


Ryan Farley,

Can i use it in server side?

Sriraksha KS,

Yes. That is C# for executing it server side (for example, in a script task or a configuration service)

Ryan Farley,

How can i fetch in client side? i need to take the value from system settings in ContactPageV2. how can i do that. Please help!!

Sriraksha KS,

_initLmsDocumentations: function() {
                    var sysSettingsNameArray = ["UseLMSDocumentation"];
                    Terrasoft.SysSettings.querySysSettings(sysSettingsNameArray, function(values) {
                        this.set("UseLMSDocumentation", values.UseLMSDocumentation);
                        if (values.UseLMSDocumentation === false) {
                            this.set("IsAcademyBannerVisible", false);
                            scope: this,
                            callback: this._onGetAcademyUrlCallback
                    }, this);

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