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We have a problem while exporting records from the Lead section. We would like to restrict to everyone besides a given role (called Marketing & Digital Division).

This is our setup:

Figure 1 (Export list records):

Figure 2 (Advanced Operation on Object Permissions - Lead):


It works perfectly, but we have problems with some certain users under a specific role. They have the rights to export even if they shouldn't. Bellow it is shown an example of a user and the roles hierarchy (Regional Manager is a functional role).

Even more suspicious is that I set the access level to "No" for all the roles in the "Export list records" and the system admin didn't couldn't export (as expected) but this user kept having the right to export records.

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I found the reason behind it.

Under the Branch Users we have multiple Divisions, and one of them have users which has the role Marketing & Digital Division as role. And because of that, the Branch Users.Managers group inherits the export rights.


Is there any way to stop the Branch Users.Managers group from inheriting these export rights?


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Hello Croitoru Nicolae-Valentin,


In our system Managers of a group inherit all the access rights of other users in a group. It's expected oob behavior and this logic cannot be overwritten even with a business process, meaning that even if you remove the access rights with a help of business process, they will be granted on a system level.

As of now, such behavior cannot be changed with a help of basic system tools and require development. 

We've registered a corresponding query for our R&D team to consider applying changes the described functionality in the upcoming versions.

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