export package with installed application from marketplace and some customization

hi all 


i have installed some of free applications and add-ons from marketplace and also i have customized in them and added some chart and new dashboards , i need to export the package with all installed applications, add-ons and the customized sections that i made.

note that 

1- i am working on the custom package 

how can i do this with steps please ?


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Hello Ibrahim, 


The marketplace applications are being installed as separate packages, once the application is installed through the "Installed applications" section or directly from Marketplace, the corresponding package with this functionality is being displayed in "Configuration" section. By a default, the newly installed package is locked and no changes can be done to it directly. 


All the customizations done to a system with basic system tools (such as through the Section wizard) are being saved to the package that set as a Default value in the "Current package" system setting, by a default - it's Custom package. 

In case you need to transfer your customizations from one instance to another, I would suggest to double-check whether both sites have the same product and version first. Then you can install all the needed marketplace applications to the second instance from the Marketplace directly. Or simply transfer the needed packages one by one from the first instance. Once all the applications are successfully installed to the second instances, you can transfer a package with your customizations as well.

Also, you can create a backup of the instance before transferring your customizations to it, so in case of unsuccessful package installation, you will be able to restore the instance from the backup. 
As well, you can create a request for us (support team) to install the provided package to your cloud instance.


You can find more detailed information about custom and base packages, it's dependencies and hierarchy, the way the package can be exported and imported on our Academy. 

Should you have any questions, please let us know!

Best regards, 


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