Error while adding record in detail and on compilation



while filling a record in detail I am getting the below error 

What does this error means?


When I tried compiling the site I again get the below error

What does this error means?


I don't see any linking between these errors. Can anyone please help?


Many thanks!

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The 2nd error is resolved I figured out the reason is that the field name(code) is same as the section name(code).

But I didn't find out the reason of 1st error. 



As for the first error message, find this Id from the error message in the UI sources in the developer console F12 -> Sources tab -> Search and see which object is returned in ViewModule.aspx when searching for the Id from the error message (like here…). Then you need to remove the SysModule record from the system that is related to the object found in the UI sources.


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