Error when "Read Data" in business process

Anyone ever experience this error in Studio v7.15.4 postgresql ?

please check my share screen for detail information:

Like 3



Hello Romadan,


Please generate the source code for all items, compile all items in the app (make sure that there are no warnings or errors during the compilation and it was completed successfully) and test the process once again and let us know about the result.


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Oscar Dylan,


Generate All complete

Compile All complete, success and no error/warning


In my environment I'm using SVN built-in creatio for development.

my .net core:

connection string:

still error:

What happen, am i wrong deployment or setup in my environment ?

Romadan Saputra,


And do you use any process parameters? Maybe this process is a sub-process in another process and the main process transfers the Date/Time parameter to it and it is done incorrectly so as a result you receive the error? Can you please provide us with the screenshot of your process parameters? And the screenshot of launch options of the process? What happens if you simply recreate the process from scratch?


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Every business process with contains "Read Data" always error like that

Romadan Saputra,

Can you please create a ticket to support regarding this issue? Everything works well on my 7.15.4 postgre application so I think it is better checking the backup of your application.


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Angela Reyes,

Previously, I have already create a ticket "SR-0895625", you can check that.

But, I decide to close this ticket, cause I found the problem of the error. But, now the error appears again, so I ask in community, maybe others have same issue like me.

Romadan Saputra,

Hello Romadan,


The issue couldn't be reproduced on clean out-of-the-box binary files so the problem is somewhere in the binary files. Can you please tell us what was the reason in SR-0895625?


Best regards,


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