Error address in map


I'm having this error message when I try to show address in map. Especially for canadian addresses, 

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Hello Sanae,


Seems that there should be a screenshot in your question, but there is none. And I assume that you receive "Selected address cannot be found due to the web mapping service error" error message and it is related to the fact that service that is used in maps cannot find address you've specified (for example because of ZIP/Postal code). Please remove Postal code from your address and check the issue once again. Also please check if your address can be found in


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you. I will try that.

Oscar Dylan,

I have the same problem with the addresses in Brazil, and it works fine when I remove the Zip/Postal code. Is there any setup for that, so that I can keep address with the ZIP/Postal code and prevent the OpenStreeMap service from using it for the search?

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