EmailListener locks user accounts

We have active directory which locks user account after 5 login attempts.

After user change password and his exchange account was added in crm, email listener try to consume mails and 5 times fail it because password in crm is not changed yet (user need to remove his account from crm before changing password).

Our listener is deployed in docker. How we can configure attempts to consume emails < 5 times?

Like 2





The values for 'attempts to consume emails' are in the SyncErrorHandler table under the RetryCount column. For example, you can reduce it to 3 times. This would be the most optimal value.

Also, please note that a RetryCount value that is too large or too small can lead to undesirable consequences regarding interaction with your mail server (for example, the mailbox will be disabled upon any negative response from the server). Therefore, we recommend changing this cautiously.

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