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Dear Team,

Is there a way to include video/audio clips or images in the Email Templates.

Hoping for a positive reply.



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Dear Manikanta

As for now the application doesn't support sending the emails with audio or video clips, even if they are embedded in html code, the recipients will not be able to open them. We already had similar requests from multiple customers, and therefore this feature will be available in the future application releases. The task has been already included to our R&D team backlog. 
As for images - it is possible to add them into the template.
Here is the chain of articles explaining how to do it

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Dean Parrett,

Thank for your reply, Dean Parrett.



Hello Cindy,


Thank you for your question.


At the moment this functionality is still unavailable for current versions of the application. Anyway, our developers have a plan to implement the ability to include video/audio clips for email templates in future versions of the Creatio application (not earlier than version 7.18.).


At the moment as a workaround, we can suggest adding the Image block to the email template. For the image can be used the screenshot from the needed video (before adding it to the template, it would be better if you compress the picture, it can be done via different online image compression tools, for example, After the image compressed and added to the template, please attach the short YouTube video link to the image.


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