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Hi all, 


I've got a frustrating one I am hoping someone will be able to help with! :) 


On version 8.0.4 I had made the attachment component of the freedom UI editable through adding the same code that is used on other list components. However, with 8.0.5 that no longer works! - Anyone have any idea how to do that? 



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Dear Harry,


Thanks for your question.


Could you please clarify what exactly error you get in the component? A screenshot will be much helpful for us.


Thanks in advance!


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Anastasiia Marushenko,

Hi Anastasiia, thanks for the quick reply! 

By design, the Attachment component in Freedom UI doesn't allow you to edit columns, or have the ability like other lists to turn on the "Editable" toggle.


This means that you are unable to update other columns, such as document type in the example below.



On previous versions I got around this by adding "IsEditable" attribute to "true". However, it looks like on the latest version the code has changed, which when applied to an attachment component it does not work. 


The below code is what is used to define if a list should be editable on a standard grid. Is there any other way to do this on the attachment? 


    "values": {

                    "type": "crt.DataGrid",

                    "layoutConfig": {},

                    "features": {

                        "editable": true





Hi Anastasiiaa, any update possible on this? Thank you. 



In new versions of the application, it is not possible to enable an editable registry for the Attachments detail.

Thanks Nikita, it does look like that’s the case. 


you don’t happen to know where the source code for the attachments component is held do you? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. 

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